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At THS, we strive to provide a fun, rich learning environment for students to explore Chinese language and culture. Outside the classroom, we work with local institutions and businesses by offering support in quality translation and interpretation services.
Our private sessions include individual tutoring and family study package, and can be conducted either at our premises, online or in students' home after evaluation.
Our small group lessons are tailored to accommodate students' age and proficiency levels.
Bilingual classroom discussions are strongly encouraged to immerse students in short, everyday conversation, to help them grasp a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and, ultimately, to empower students to cruise through their inter-cultural adventure with confidence.  

Small Group Sessions

  • Max. four students paired by age and proficiency levels in a class. 
  • Ideal for students of grades 2-4, grades 5-7, age 13+ and adults.dreamstime_m_81881779.jpg
  • A session comprises 4x 50-min. lessons and is renewable. 
  • Both seasonal and customized classes are offered.
  • Year-end statements are provided upon request. 

Private Lessons 
  • Private lessons work best for individuals who aim to progress effectively despite a busy personal schedule. 
  • Both one-on-one tutoring and family study packages are available.
  • Lessons can be conducted either at THS, online or in your home. 
  • Sign up for a discounted 5-hour session or 1 hour's executive consulting. 
  • Free of commitment. 
  • Easy to re-schedule or cancel a lesson; simply give a 24-hour advance notice to THS. dreamstime_m_80211392.jpeg
  • Year-end statements are provided upon request. 

Casual Weekend Immersion

  • 3 hours' theme-based, conversation-oriented bilingual immersion.
  • Ideal for children age 5-10.
  • Games, songs, Chinese characters recognition, hands-on calligraphy and dumplings making...
  • No experience in Chinese language or culture is required. 
  • Year-end statments are provided upon request.
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Beyond-the-classroom Services

Time to take your business up to the next level? Looking for adequate support for new opportunities? We are here committed to help you incorporate tailored curriculum into your existing system and train your employees. If your demand is instant, we also offer quality translation with short turnaround time, and on-the-spot precise interpretation services to bridge the communication between you and your partners or prospects. Educational institutions, local businesses and real estate companies are all welcome to contact us for more details!